When hiring a roofing contractor, be sure to ask important questions about the contractor’s general liability insurance. Following is information to obtain from contractors bidding on any roofing work:


Obtain Certificate of Insurance

Obtain a certificate of insurance from your contractor’s insurance carrier or their insurance representative

Is coverage in force at time of work?

Make sure that this certificate shows that the coverage is in force at the time that the work is performed and that you will be notified if the coverage is cancelled

Additional Insured

Have the certificate of insurance list you as an Additional lnsured

Are the limits of liability high enough?

The contractor’s liability coverage limit must be sufficient to cover the replacement cost of your personal property, equipment, and building or residence in the case of a total loss

Are there any exclusions?

Verify that the policy does not contain exclusions for residential work, hot tar or heat applied roofing products, or loss due to the roof being left open during construction.