History of the Roofing Contractors Association of California

RCAC was created in 1949 to bridge the gap between the roofing and waterproofing contractors in California and the state legislature.

After World War II, the economy in the U.S. began to transition from a wartime economy to a free-market economy. The return of the World War II soldiers created a construction boom with new homes, schools and commercial building springing up throughout California and the nation. Simultaneously, state rules and regulations began increasing almost as rapidly as the economy. Regulations affecting construction, employees, equipment, financing and several other areas started to hit the industry. New types of construction and roofing materials were entering the market.

Several roofing contractors across the state decided to form an organization that could monitor the new regulations affecting a growing industry. Workers’ compensation was not a major state issue in 1949. Unions were on the rise and were trying to ensure employers were well-regulated.

More than 70 years later, the roofing industry and market is a very different place, but RCAC still holds the same ideals and mission. RCAC works to link local contractors to the state legislature to ensure the needs and perspectives of the roofing industry are heard under the dome in Sacramento, CA.