Our 2022 Harry Mullin Scholarship Applications will be available Spring/Summer 2022!

Harry Mullin Scholarship Recipients


Analia Cabral

Father is employed with Chapman Coast
$1,000 Scholarship Award
Major: School Counseling

What inspired you to choose this career path?

I began my career in education early in my undergraduate studies when I worked for the Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness Program (GEAR UP) – an educational organization that provides structural interventions to title one schools by assisting a cohort of students in their pursuit of higher education. Through GEAR UP, I gained valuable practice by working as a tutor, mentor, parent-liaison, and college advisor in three low socio-economic middle schools and six underprivileged high schools in the Anaheim Unified school district. When I began working in this organization six years ago, my original goal was to pursue a career as a social studies teacher. I knew I wanted to give back to my community in the field that I am passionate about, which is education. However, as I developed relationships with students, I realized my strongest abilities were active listening and being amicable with strangers, which better aligned with the counseling profession.

Nareline Coronado

Father is employed with Lang Roofing
$1,000 Scholarship Award
Major: Sociology

What impacted your decision to choose a career in Sociology?

I would like to be in a profession where I can help underprivileged kids and adults. Probation, counseling, or social work are my options in life. I grew up in a low income community, therefore I would see how much kids struggled. For this reason, I want to be part of the system and help kids stay out of trouble and help society become better. I am very passionate about making the juvenile justice system change for good and prioritize rehabilitation rather than punishment.

This scholarship program was previously administered by the Associated Roofing Contractors of Northern California (ARCNC). In 2018 ARCNC dissolved and the scholarship program was transferred to RCAC.


Alejandra Andres
Irene Andres
Ashlyn Clark


Irene Andres
Tyler Cochran
Alexandra Dionne
Jennifer Fitzgerald


Irene Andres
Haley Balbi
Zachary Clark
Kaylyn King


Irene Andres
Haley Balbi
Kaylyn King


Haley Balbi
Joel Yancey