1949—Jack Lewis
1950—Jack Lewis
1954—Ernest Upshaw
1955—Orval McNay
1956—Orval McNay
1957—Verne Potter
1958—A.G. VanderBoom
1959—Leslie Eliott
1960—Don McKillop
1961—John Weaver
1962—Russ Baker
1963—Dee Clary
1964—C.A. “Pat” Lease
1965—James Witherow
1966—Edward Weyand
1967—Ralph Dion
1968—James Magowan
1969—Max McClain
1970—Kneeland Stone
1971—Douglas Garton
1972—Bob Culbertson
1973—Johnny Zamrzla
1974—Johnny Zamrzla
1975—Johnny Zamrzla
1976—Chet Raypholtz
1977—Chet Raypholtz
1978—C.A. “Pat” Lease
1981—Bill Stephenson
1982—Tim Blue
1983—Art Adams
1984—Joe Castro
1985—Huldah Johnson
1986—Gordon Sutton
1987—Aymon Krenek
1988—Aymon Krenek
1989—Bruce Fryer
1990—Bruce Fryer
1991—Dan Blue
1992—Don Stout
1993—Richard Lawson
1994—Richard Lawson
1995—Larry Davis
1995—Ricki Stricker
1996—George O’Neill
1997—Jim Reid
1998—Kevin Balbi
1999—Gary Gilmore
2000—Chris Dyck
2001—Gary Gilmore
2002—Dave Stefko
2003—Steve Camblin
2004—Ron Walter
2005—Brian Owen
2006—Brett Maurer
2007—Dave Stefko
2008—Dave Stefko
2009—Dave Stefko
2010—Richard Lawson
2011—Richard Lawson
2012—Steve Reardon
2013-Steve Reardon
2014-Steve Reardon
2015-Rex Souders
2016-Rex Souders
2017-Rex Souders
2018-Christian Madsen
2019-Christian Madsen
2020-Brett Maurer
2021-Brett Maurer
2022-Brett Maurer
2023-Brett Maurer

If you have information to fill in the name of missing presidents, please  email Marc Connerly, Executive Director, at mconnerly@connerlyandassociates.com.