BYD electric bus manufacturing facility (Lancaster) – Western Pacific Roofing

Project Description

BYD is an electric bus manufacturer. This was a new addition for their assembly line for making the buses in Lancaster, CA. It was a 324,000 square foot new addition. We had 3 months to complete the project. Our portion of the work consisted of installing the batt insulation on the roof, installing 50 foot long double lock standing seam roof panels, 28 foot insulated wall panels , coping metal around the entire perimeter, gutter along the two sides, 28 smoke hatches, 30 HVAC curbs.

We also had our Foam and Coating Crews on the existing building. We applied an 1-1/2” of foam and 2-1/2 gallons of silicone to that building. That was 115,000 square feet.

Big Lots Distribution Center (Apple Valley) – Stone Roofing

Project Description

Stone Roofing had the opportunity to roof Distribution Warehouse located in Apple Valley California. Stone installed a white Single-Ply 60 Mil PVC membrane roof system. This project was completed in three months and was done in the hot desert temperatures. The expertise and skill needed to coordinate a project of this size has developed with over 80 years of roofing expertise.

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Harassment Prevention Training

As you may know by now, harassment prevention training for all employers with 5 or more employees became mandatory on January 1, 2020.

To comply, employers must:

• Provide supervisors with at least two hours of training every two years or within six (6) months of promotion or hire
• Provide non-supervisory employees with one hour of training every two years or within six (6) months of promotion or hire

Pursuant to this law, RCAC has available a Harassment Training Prevention program for members, which includes:

• A limited number of free online trainings
• Additional trainings at a deep discount from market rate training
Both the supervisor and employee trainings will be available in English and Spanish.

You can conveniently access our RCAC Harassment Training Prevention program here.